Barrister Shahjahan Omar’s statement on Sayedee


“Sayedee had no involvement with any anti-liberation activities,” states Barrister Shahjahan Omar (awarded Bir Uttom for gallantry during the war of liberation) on Bangla Vision TV.

“When one faces the ultimate injustice, the human heart is wounded and it rebels. In 71, Sayedee was not involved with politics or any anti-liberation activities. His name is not found in any newspaper or magazines of that time. He is unjustly put on trial only because of his influential political position. There is no talk of putting on trial the real anti-liberationist ‘Muslim League’ because they are no longer in the field of Politics.”

At one point when the Bangla Vision presenter Golam Mortaja claimed that ‘Sayedee’ was ‘Rajakar’, Barrister Shahjahan protested saying “impossible.” Then Golam Mortaja said he was a member of the Rajakar forces if not a commander. Barrister Shahjahan protested this as well and said he (Sayedee) was not anything there. “I know very well the events that took place my local area.”

Source: Progress Bangladesh Facebook Group