Bangladeshi expatriates stage protest against Sheikh Hasina in US


New York, Sep 28 (ANI): Bangladeshi expatriates held a protest against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the United States. Hasina was in New York to attend the 69th edition of United Nations General Assembly. The protesters blamed Hasina for killing thousands of the countrymen. Several supporters of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) were also present during the demonstration. A protester, Giash Ahmed alleged misrule by Hasina in Bangladesh and protested at the ruling Awami League government’s corruption in the country and the waste of money during the prime minister’s visit to the US as she took an entourage of 180 members for attending a meeting. On Friday, Hasina participated in the high-level meeting on United Nations peacekeeping on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly that was chaired by US Vice President Joe Biden.