Bangladesh Political Crisis 2015 Live Blog

Live blog detailing the fast developing situation in Bangladesh in the aftermath of indefinite blockade enforced by opposition since January 5, 2015. Blog started from 23 January, 2015.

03:49, 02 Feb 2015

Detective Branch (DB) police picked up Dhaka Bar Association elected executive member Mohammad Azmat Hossain last night at 08:00 am from his Azimpur home. Azmat was known to be an acting lawyer for many detained opposition members.


02:54, 02 Feb 2015

Three arrested from funeral of deceased,

Opposition Shibir activist Emdadulah (23), the latest victim of crossfire, was killed on Saturday night, 31 January, 2015. After the body of the deceased was handed over to his family, funeral prayers were arranged at Lalmatia Bibi Masjid area after nightly Esha prayers on 01 February, 2015. At 08:15 pm local time, police raided the funeral premises and arrested three students from the proceedings. The arrested three students are Arifullah, Tofail Ahmed and Abdullah Al Masud.

Abdullah Al Masud

Abdullah Al Masud

Arif Ullah

Arif Ullah

Tofail Ahmed

Tofail Ahmed

Family members of the arrested have stated that three were detained by police from the funeral proceedings and taken to Mohammad thana police station in the capital. Family members further informed that when queried over their status, an S.I of Mohammadpur thana police station informed that the arrested had been taken into the custody of Mirpur thana police station by notorious O.C Salahuddin at about 10 pm in the night, raising serious concerns that the arrested students may be tortured or even become victims of crossfire.

05:20, 25 Jan 2015

Seriously injured opposition activist Jannun, who had already lost his right eye due to wounds obtained due to injury from shotgun shots fired by police on protesters at Sirajganj on 17 January, 2015, and was being taken in for operation to save left eye. The injured is the secretary of Islami Chhatra Shibir, Ullapara South Thana, Sirajganj District.


05:06, 25 Jan 2015

Two ruling party activists caught by police possessing foreign made pistol on Friday 23 January 2015. Two members of Jubo League (ruling party youth branch), carrying a foreign made pistol were arrested by police from Ruposhi Bazar, in Faridganj.


05:01, 25 Jan 2015

News of arrests in a student mess in Bogra on 24th January, 2015, and a staged explosives plot by security forces in order to legitimise arrests. The following is an account of a witness obtained via social media,


“Police, in a security crackdown in Bogra Colony area yesterday (24.01.15), arrested 14 general students who were students of a polytechnic college. The police, along with the combined security forces, exposed their malafide intentions when they linked the arrests with a staged ‘explosives’ discovery drama.

The incident began at around 3:45 pm afternoon. Police suddenly turned up and began raiding the student mess in the name of a search operation. Despite the fact that they were unable to recover anything, the students who were present were placed under arrest and taken to the police station. This was despite repeatedly informing the security personnel that all the students were in preparation for their ongoing examinations.

Exactly 2 hours after being arrested, the arrested students were brought back to the mess premises, and another round of raiding was carried out in their presence. At this time, a lot the mess furniture and valuables were smashed up in front of the students, before police staged an ‘explosives’ discovery plot. Several cocktail explosives and petrol bombs were placed before the detained students, who were then photographed.

We demand the immediate release of the innocent arrested students. Side by side, we vehemently condemn the explosives drama staged by the police. Finally, we also demand an immediate end to such harassing incidents in the name of security operations.”


18:04, 24 Jan 2015

Joint Forces action in Chatkila, Noakhali, on Friday 23 January 2015 resulted in: 37 arrested; 8 (ounces?) of gold jewellary and 3 computers and 1 motocycle taken; 6 homes and 1 hospital were raided and property inside broken.noakhali 1 Noakhali 2 Noakhali 3 Noakhali 4 Noakhali 5 Noakhali 6 Noakhali 7 hospital Noakhali Joint forces attack properties and a Hospital in Noakhali on 23 January 2015


17:51, 23 Jan 2015

Sylhet City Shura member of Jamaat-e-Islami and Airport Thana Ameer Mufti Ali Haider was hospitalized after he sustained severe injuries when police fired live rounds of ammunition from behind a procession by blockade activists in Kajalshah in Sylhet.


Picture Courtesy: Social media