Bangladesh experiencing ‘worst’ justice system in the world : WJP


Bangladesh justice system is among the worst in the world, said a report published by World Justice Project (WJP) on Thursday.   WJP’s report titled ‘The Rule of Law Index 2014’ finds the courts here afflicted by corruption and political interference.   The global watchdog also observes that Bangladesh have deficiencies in most aspects of implementing the Rule of Law.   There were eight indicators to measure the Rule of Law in 99 countries where Bangladesh got worst score in corruption and in civil and criminal justice.   The Washington-based organization, identified human rights violations and police abuses as significant problems in Bangladesh.   According to the report, Bangladesh ranked 92nd globally and 4th among six South Asian countries in overall rule of law performance.   WJP’s index is a quantitative assessment tool designed to offer a comprehensive picture of the extent to which countries adhere to the rule of law in practice.   The index say, Bangladesh stands at 92nd position in civil justice, 94th in criminal justice, 95th in absence of corruption, 80th in constraints on government powers, 85th in open government, 87th in fundamental rights, 76th in order and security, 91st in regulatory enforcement.   The Rule of Law Index 2014 was prepared based on over 500 variables drawn from the assessments of more than 100,000 household and expert surveys in 99 countrie.


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