Bangladesh a theatre of rape: Tourism Minister Menon

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“It’s as if Bangladesh has recently become a theatre of rape. I’m very sad to say that we have failed to take the necessary action on such a sensitive issue,” he told Parliament on Thursday.

He said, “There is no doubt that I speak of women empowerment with much pride. But a country where women do not feel safe outside at night and continue to face violence cannot be called a civilised country.”

The minister’s remarks came after several recent incidents of rape of girl children and gang rape of several women across the country.

The chief of the Workers Party, an ally of the Awami League, expressed deep frustration over the government’s ‘incompetency’ in weeding out corruption.

“A group of people is looting the country’s resources. The honourable finance minister is vocal about that but, surprisingly, he has failed to take action against them despite wielding considerable power,” Menon said.

The Leftist leader said corruption was the only thing that denied people the benefits of a six 6 percent GDP growth in the past few years and blamed those closed to the BNP for this.

He also slammed the ruling Awami League for failing to control ‘terrorism and manipulation of tender’ across the country.

“Good governance is needed to maintain growth. Tender manipulation, terrorism, murder, abduction and such crimes are undermining the successes our prime minister is achieving,” he added.

Menon said improvements in the power sector were ‘commendable’ but the decisions regarding rental power plants and quick-power plants have gone ‘against the nation’s interest’.

He also criticised the inking of power sector deals with two Indian companies during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

‘Providing shelter’ to foreign companies by formulating laws never goes in favour of national interest, he said.

The minister also harshly criticised the growing trend of privatisation of the power sector.

Source: bdnews24