Bangladesh 7th among topmost 10 countries in abductions worldwide

bangladesh abduction 7th position

Bangladesh has been ranked amongst 7th of the topmost 10 countries worldwide where abductions are most frequent.  The list was published on Saturday by a UK based consultancy organization.

The ranking is published yearly by Control Risk, a UK-headquartered consultancy, based on reports of abductions, and is referred to by international reinsurers for providing ‘kidnap and ransom’ cover to both local organisations and MNCs.

Mexico is ranked the topmost country among the list of countries with the highest rate of abductions. In the second place is India, followed by Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sudan and Lebanon respectively.

bangladesh abduction 7th position

It is notable that Bangladesh was 26th on the list issued by the consultancy firm in 2013.

According to the report, Bangladesh rose to the 7th position due to the sensational abductions and subsequent murder of 7 people at Narayanganj in 2014. The report takes into account similar incidents till February of the current year.

According to a Times of India report, there is a reason for the position of India being in second place and in higher position than countries that are perceived to be more chaotic, such as Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. Insurers say this does not mean that neighbouring countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan are any safer. What it indicates is that the number of complaints about kidnapping is higher in India.

Control Risk is an UK based consultancy established in 1975, with 36 regional offices presently worldwide.

Source: Sheershanews and Kalerkontho