Babunagari falls ill from police remand


The CMM Court in Dhaka ordered medical treatment for elderly Bangladesh Hefazat-e-Islam Secretary-General, Mawlana Junaid Babunagari, after he fell critically ill from his remand. He was brought to court yesterday to confess at the end of his 13 day remand period when this order was given on request of his lawyers.

He was initially charged with causing terror at Hefazot’s Dhaka Seige on May 5 and taken for a 9 day remand by police. When presented in court at the end of the 9 days on May 16, three new charges were filed against him and a further 22 days of remand was ordered. He was brought to court yesterday after spending 13 days in remand in total. He appeared visibly unwell then.

File photo of Maulana Junaid Bubunagari on appearance at court, May 7

File photo of Maulana Junaid Bubunagari on appearance at court, May 7

A Hefazat source informed that although Mawlana Junaid Babunagari was tortured by police during remand, he still refused to confess. Law enforcement officers then made him sign on a blank paper.

It has also been reported that the police put down their own version of a confession on the blank paper and presented it to court, while Mawlana Babunagari did not in fact admit to anything himself. However, the police claim that he did confess. He is alleged to have confessed that the BNP-led 18-party opposition alliance funded the Hefazat Dhaka Siege and the opposition, including Jamaat and Shibir as well as Hefazat members were involved in violence and anarchy. Also that the Dhaka Siege was intended to continue until the government fell.

Babunagari was arrested on the morning of May 6 from the capital’s Lalbagh area by police. He has since been under police custody on charges of killing and looting. Following his remand, Babunagari’s lawyer, Sanaullah Miah, requested the court to get him emergency treatment at Birdem or Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujib Hospital for various complications including diabetes and impaired vision.

Source: Amar Desh