Awami League activists attack opposition backed lawyers at Supreme Court premises as police looked on

Chattra League attack Supreme Court lawyers

Awami League supporters carry out ‘logi boitha’ style attack on protesting lawyers at the Supreme Court premises as the police stood outside inactively.

lawyers attacked 29.12.13

A large number of Awami League men charged at the BNP-led opposition protesters who were locked in inside the Supreme Court premises.   The lawyers, protesting under the banner of Jatiyatabadi Ainjibi Parishad, stood behind the front gate of the Supreme Court defying tear shelling, sound grenades, and water cannon discharge by the police.   At around 3:20 pm over a hundred Awami League supporters attacked the lawyers with bamboo sticks. Overwhelmed and outnumbered, the protesters fled toward the Bar Association building, which is on the north side.   Hundreds of Awami League men chased after them. At least two protesters were beaten up by Awami League men in front of the main gate, one of them a female lawyer. It is unknown at this point how many have been injured at the Bar building area, where the protesters fled to.   The police stood outside of the court premises without trying to prevent the brutal attack.


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