Awami League leaders make direct threats to kill main opposition leader Khaleda Zia [text & video report]

shajahan khan

Minister of Water Transportation (Shipping) of Bangladesh, Mr. Shajahan Khan has threatened to kill Khaleda Zia by enforced starvation inside her office, where she is apparently detained. He was speaking today at the meeting held at Paltan, Dhaka.

“If the strikes and blockades are not revoked, we will cut the water and electricity connection of her office, and we will block the people who carries food inside for her; ultimately Khaleda Zia will starve to death.”

Earlier, President and the top leaders of Bangladesh Chhatra League, the student faction of Awami League has threatened that the Office of Khaleda Zia will be burnt down with petrol. They were speaking at a local meeting of Chhatra League at Chittagong yesterday.

Source: Sheersha News