Attack on minorities: Who is Playing the Hindu Card?

bhola temple vandal

In his above article in the daily Amardesh on 6 March, Shanjib Choudhury, a member of the minority Hindu community in Bangladesh, analysed the blame game taking place over the recent spate of violence on the minority Hindu community and their places of worship. He argued that the attacks and atrocities, no matter how big or small, are real and cause for concern for those who are on the receiving end. However, the question is, who is responsible for such acts of vandalism? He maintained although it is easy to blame Jamaat-Shibir, and many are doing it without thinking it through, it is highly unlikely that the party, which is already blamed by some quarter for being ‘communal’ in their politics, will engage in something as foolish as this at a time when they are persecuted themselves and under constant and serious scrutiny. If any of their members are found in any such act that will be the end of them. The organisation has gone out of its way to issue press statements and taking out news papers pieces to urge people to protect the Hindu and other minority communities. While, because of the increasing frustration and disillusionment of the Hindu community with the ‘progressive politics’ of Awami -grand-alliance government, the BNP is already benefiting from the ‘minority vote bank’ in local elections. It is not in their interest to offend the Hindu sentiment. On the other hand the ruling party never properly answered the charges. By pointing to the blazing fire it therefore leaves the ruling party who can always cry, ‘terrorists are coming’ and gain Hindu support by terrorising the community.
In so many days, at least in two places the ruling party supporters have been caught red handed in the act. It is also surprising that our efficient Police and ‘rapid Action Battalion’ (RAB) are failing miserably to detain anyone. The saying that when you spit upwards it lands back on your face is proving to be true.

Source: Daily Amar Desh