Arrested Tanvir’s Brother and Father Also Arrested

Mohammad Hossain Tanveer

The brother and father of a student recently arrested have now also been arrested. Ibn Sina medical student, Abdullah Hossain Tanvir, was abducted by police from his campus on February 9, following which his family began an appeal to save him fearing his possible extrajudicial execution. There has been a spike in extrajudicial executions in custody, particularly in so-called “gunfight” scenarios, since the opposition led strike campaign calling for fresh elections began in January. Police denied arresting Tanvir, despite witnesses seeing the incident take place as Tanvir left his final examinations.

Following Tanvir’s abduction, his brother Abdullah Hasan, a journalist, went seeking his younger brother. On reports that Tanvir was taken to Mirpur Police Station, he traveled to the station seeking his brother. Police however continued to deny Tanvir’s arrest. Furthermore, they arrested Abdullah Hasan on the spot. Later that night, in the early hours before Fajr prayers, police raided the family home and arrested Tanvir and Abdullah Hasan’s father too.

The two brothers were subsequently sent to court with two cases filed against them. Tanvir was sent to remand for a day and both brothers have since been sent to jail. Their father, following questioning for more than 24 hours at the police station, was also taken to court where he was handed five days remand. He is currently on the third day of remand.