Arrested Masum missing for 25 days: Mother seeks intervention of Prime Minister

April 30, 2013

Staff reporter: Family wants to trace Anawarul Islam Masum. His family alleges that a team from RAB-5 arrested Masum on 4th April from his residence at Rajshai. But police didn’t produce him before court. Even a G.D. was not taken at the thana. The helpless mother seeks help from Prime Minister, Home Minister and I.G. of police.

Last Monday afternoon Nurjahan Begum, Mother of missing person Masum, gave a written statement at a press conference held at national press club and pleaded for the intervention of the government. Masum’s sister, Mahmuda Parvin Hossneara, was also present at the conference. In the written statement, the mother said Masum conducted his study at Rajshai from his uncle’s residence. A team of RAB-5 arrested him from a house located at Badderhut suburb around 2:30 a.m. on 4th of April. RAB broke the collapsible gate and entered the house. They ransacked whole house in the name of searching for evidence and arrested Masum while he was sleeping. The RAB members tortured Masum while detaining others at a neighbouring room. RAB took a laptop, desktop computer, 5-6 mobile phones from the house. The RAB members also took a picture of Masum after planting 2 of their pistols in front of him.

In her written statement the mother also said that Masum was the office secretary of city Islami Chattro Shibir. With regard to that RAB undertook various operations at different dorms and houses. The family contacted Boalia, Rajpare police station and RAB -5 as he was not produced before the court but they denied the allegation. The police of Chapaynawabgong and Rajpara thana did not accept the general diary when the family went to lodge a G.D.

She states that it is the duty of the government and law enforcement agencies to ensure the security and safety of every citizen, but not only have they failed to do that, they have become the terror themselves.  People have lost confidence in the agencies to uphold justice.  Masum’s mother says she wants to find her son and be reassured that he is still alive.  She wants him produced at courts and states that should he be proven guilty in a fair trial she will accept whatever punitive measures the government takes.

Translated from Daily Sangram