Arrested at noon, framed for crossfire at night: 6 injured including 2 shot at Kamalnagar, Laxmipur


Police arrested two young men named Main Uddin and Arif Hossan in front of Kamalnagar Subdistrict Office at Laxmipur on Sunday March 1 2015 at noon. Later police claimed on the same night at around 1am the seized two along with others were wounded from bullets in a “gunfight” with the police while they blockaded the road of Goaz area of Charlawrence in Kamalnagar subdistrict. Police admitted the two individuals with bullet wounds to Laxmipur district hospital. Police claimed they are activists of Jamaat and Jubo Dal, but the injured individuals denied the accusation and stated that they are not involved with politics.

Bullet riddled Main Uddin is the son of late Abdur Rashid of Charkalkini sub district. Recently he returned to the country from abroad. Arif Hossan is the son of late Nurul Haq of Charjangalia. Wounded Arif Hossan’s condition is severe, so doctors suggested he be taken to Dhaka for better treatment.

Kabir Ahmed, officer in charge of Kamalnagar police station alleged that at night activists of Jubo Dal and Shibir chopped trees and blocked the road. At that time police was patrolling that road. When police reached the location of the incident, the activists allegedly hurled firebombs and crude bombs towards the patrol car and open fired on the officers, claimed the police, at which the police fired back in self-defense. As a result, two activists of Jamaat and Jubo Dal sustained bullet wounds while the others fled the scene. Meanwhile four petrol bombs and one saw to cut trees was recovered from them. Later police recovered the wounded and admitted them to Laxmipur district hospital. Officer in charge, Kabir Ahmed, along with three other policemen were wounded in the incident.

Bullet injured Arif’s elder brother MD. Khokon stated that some unidentified people torched vehicles in Hafizia Madrasa area on Sunday noon. Around 2pm police arrested his brother Arif and took him to the police station. At the same time police picked his uncle’s brother expatriate Main Uddin who was having a bath at the pond. Later police framed them for ‘gunfight’ and fired at their legs. They are not involved with politics, they barely sustain their daily living by working.

Bullet injured Arif and Main spoke to the journalists at hospital, asking “What is our crime? What is our fault? We don’t know why the police fired on us.” They are not involved with politics. But still the police arrested and brought them to the station on Sunday noon. At night police shot them and admitted them to hospital.

Local people confirmed that bullet injured Arif is carpenter and Main Uddin recently came from abroad.

Laxmipur district Assistant Police superintendent (circle) Md. Nasim claimed two activists were wounded in a ‘gunfight’: one Jamaat activist Maun Uddin and another Jubo Dal activist Arif Hossan. At the same time due to their attack four policemen of Kamalnagar Station, O.C. Md. Kabir Ahmed, Constables Mizanur Rahman, Saiful Islam and Abdul Wahab, were allegedly wounded. The injured were given primary treatment at Laxmipur district hospital.

Source: Daily Sangram