Arrest of two Chattri Sangstha female students in Rajshahi


on 17th May, police arrested Engineer Abul Kalam Azad’s daughter Wasima Ehsan in Rajshahi city. 19 year old Wasima is a student of Rajashahi College and a member of opposition girl’s student group, Chattri Sangstha. Police asked the court for a 7 day remand. The court set 29th May as the hearing date. Due to general strike (hartal), the court heard the case the next day on 30 May. The court granted 1 day remand.

Yesterday, she was taken in remand for the whole day. At 9pm in the evening, following remand interrogation, Wasima was taken along on a police operation. During the operation police arrested another student, Zakia Ferdous. Zakia is the Chattri Sangstha president of the Rajshahi zone in which Wasima was a member. Both students now remain in custody.

Image: Press TV