Army deploy in Dhaka University

Army deploy

BDToday Desk: Uniformed army personnel were seen guarding inside the campus of Dhaka University today. The university administration claimed they were not aware about the army inside the campus.

Army personnel were seen in their jeep beside the Arts Faculty building of Dhaka University, in front of Lecture Theater Building.

Sources from the campus stated that the army van was seen from Sunday night just before relatives and family gathered at the campus to show respect to the deceased Avijit Roy, who was stabbed death. Apart from that – Bangladesh Border Guard and Police were also noted at every turn of the university campus.

When asked about the army presence – the Acting Proctor of the university, Dr. Amjad Hossain, denied having any knowledge about it. He said – the army hadn’t asked for permissions from the university authority. So he didn’t know anything about the matter.

However, Chhatra Dal brought out several anti-government processions in spite of the strict vigilance of the law enforcement agencies, that included the army. They demonstrated supporting the 72 hour strike called by the 20-party alliance, demanding fresh elections under a neutral care taker government.

It may be stated that on Sunday, during the opening ceremony of the new cantonment for the 10th Infantry Division at Ramu of Cox’s Bazar, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had called upon the army to be prepared to save democracy and constitution of the country.