Another BNP leader killed by police firing in Magura


An opposition activist and BNP leader, Kazi Mashiar Rahman (40), died after succumbing to serious injuries sustained from police firing on Sunday at 6PM in Chayghariya Hajamabari, Shalikha sub-district of Magura.

Acting police official of Shalikha police station, Biplob Kumar Nath, claimed that BNP general secretary of Chayghariya ward, Mashiar Rahman and several others threw petrol bombs at a police van. In the attack, five police officers including sub-inspector Hafiz and Gautam were injured along with him. To control the situation, he stated that the law enforcers retaliated by firing shotguns, during which Mashiar Rahman severely injured after being hit. He was then caught, after which he was rushed to Magura Central Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

However, the doctor on duty in the hospital, Dr. Mamtaz Uddin Majeed, gave a completely different account of events. He stated that Mashiar was already dead when he was brought into the hospital at 6:45 PM. He had been shot in the leg and lower part of his waist. He further said that in spite of not having any injuries, five police officers forcefully received treatment after announcing that they had been hurt.

Kazi Noyon Hossen, the son of Mashiar Rahman, stated that his father and another person named Rafikul Islam Patwary (50) had been taken away during the evening by a team of police led by Officer-in-Charge Biplob from a tea stall at Chayaghariya area. His father was a BNP activist in the area. Locals said that at the same time Rafikul Islam, the other arrested, had also been shot at.

Source: Daily Inquilab