Another Bangladesh governing party activist injured while making bomb at home

bcl caught with bomb feb 10

In a bizarre spate of events, another activist of Bangladesh Awami League, the governing party in Bangladesh , has been injured while making crude bombs at his own home. The name of the injured was Shohag (22). He is a Jubo league leader, the youth organization of Awami League. He is also the the son of Shafikul Islam from the Boro Dhawa village of the Gokul union in Bogra District. He is also the nephew of the local Awami league ward secretary Mr. Gani. Shohag himself is also the joint secretary of the local ward Awami League.

Local sources said he was injured while making a bomb on Tuesday, 10th February 2015, at around 3.00 pm. He had been rushed to a clinic and has lost a few nails in the blast. A relative has confirmed that he has been admitted to a clinic, but is reluctant to disclose the details. But sources have confirmed he was first rushed to the TMSS Refatullah Community Hospital, and from there under police protection he was admitted to Ziaur Rahman Bogura Medical College. It is alleged that the police were trying to protect his identity by registering him incognito under a different alias.

This incident is the latest in a series of incidents where governing party loyalists are either caught or are injured with bombs. In the murky political situation prevailing in the country, such incidents are adding to the confusion as to who is actually behind the violence on the streets which has claimed more than 50 lives already.

Source: BartaBangla24 and Daily Star