Ali Ahsan Mujahid’s statement on hearing of Death Penalty

ali ahsan mujahid

The following is the reaction of Ali Ahsan Mujahid on hearing that his death penalty had been upheld by the Supreme Court appeal bench as reported by his son Ali Ahmad Mabrur on social media,

“I am not the least bit perturbed at the punishment handed down to me for my political enmity with this government. I have known through reading the newspaper that my lawyers have defended me firmly and with admirable passion in front of the appeal bench. I firmly believe that there was no scope whatsoever to prove me guilty upon the charges brought up against me. The prosecution was not able to prove any allegation against me. The investigating officer of this trial himself confessed that I was not involved with any crimes with regards to Liberation War of 1971. Moreover, he also could not gather any evidence against me of any relation whatsoever with Al Badr, Peace Committees, Razakars, Al-Shams or any other so called auxiliary force during the course of investigation. I have been deprived of justice.

Knowing that Allah is my witness, I categorically state that all allegations and charges against me are one hundred percent false and fabricated. I was not involved with any crimes whatsoever in 1971. It is only due to my involvement with the Islamic movement that I am being charged with such false allegations after so many years.

Every day, hundreds of people die of natural causes in Bangladesh. These deaths have no relation with any death sentence. How, when and where a person dies is only decided by the Almighty Allah. No one has the power to change what Allah Himself has ordained. In comparison, a mere death penalty is nothing. I am not in the least bit perturbed at the upholding of the death sentence.

To kill a person unlawfully is akin to the killing of humanity in its entirety. I am not at all perturbed at the death penalty that the government has issued through bringing up false and fabricated charges in a biased trial against me in retaliation for political enmity. I have always been ready to sacrifice my life for the sake of the Deen of Allah.“

—Ali Ahsan Mujahid