Aged Mother of JuboDal Leader Held Captive By Police

Police arrested an old woman, Shansun Nahar (65) mother of Sumon, JuboDal leader of Boralia village, Dattapara, Sadar Sub district, Laxshimpur district because they failed to capture him. Sumon’s family is anxious as she hasn’t been produced to court even 5 days after the incident.
Family members of Sumon held a press conference on Saturday afternoon at local newspaper office of Laxshimpur. Sumon’s sister in law Monwara Begum read out a written statement.
She stated that law enforcement agencies conducted a drive out on Tuesday evening at the Boralia village. “Police arrested my aged mother-in-law as they failed to find Sumon. 5 days had passed since her arrest but they haven’t yet released her. They haven’t even produced her in court and we are worried about it. There is no case or general diary against my mother in law at police station or anywhere else. She is held captive unlawfully only because my brother-in-law is involved with politics of BNP.” She demanded immediate release of her mother-in-law.
She asked for interference and help of administration for her release.
Sumon’s elder brother Kamal Hossain and his wife Auzufa Begum was present at the press conference.
Humayn Kabir, Officer-in-Charge of Chandogong police station said, “Sumon is a known terrorist. Police conducted several drive outs to arrest him. Sumon’s mother is brought to the police station only for questioning after which she will be released.”

Source: Inside BD