8 platoon police surround Khaleda Zia’s house; journalists are not allowed to go near

police outside zia home

Khaleda Zia’s house has been surrounded and cut off from outside by the police. Eight platoon police have cordoned the BNP chairperson’s Gushan residence. A water cannon was seen arriving outside of Zia’s residence, Prothom Alo reports.   Heavy trucks with sand loaded on them are being kept on the raod around the house. Three trucks in front and two at back of the BNP leader’s house are blocking entrance to the roads. The police are not letting journalists go near the house.   Earlier BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir alleged on Saturday night that BNP chairperson is under house arrest after her police protocol was abruptly withdrawn by the government.

Source: http://www.bdchronicle.com/detail/news/32/3334#sthash.WVBt9Oct.dpuf

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