Liberation Fighter Shahjahan Omar on the innocence of Sayedee

Delwar Sayedee

Decorated 1971 fighter, Shahjahan Omar, asserts Sayedee is innocent:

“34,000 collaborators [razakar] were listed [post-war during Sheikh Mujib’s time]….to my knowledge, Syedee’s name is not there. And I know Syedee. His house is in Pirojpur. Do you know what he used to do? He used to work in a little oil shop…if he was a razakar or something significant, I was commander of Barisal, I would have known. In case I didn’t know I asked several liberation fighters of Pirojpur [Omar names them], ‘where did Sayedee’s name suddenly come from?’ They told me he was not a razakar.”

Source: Basherkella Facebook Group