70 yr old arrested in vandalism case, remanded; investigation reveals severe corruption by police officials


Abdul Kader, a 70 yr old man from Birulia village, Savar of Dhaka, was detained by police on 3rd January during Zuhr prayers. Sub-inspector Abul Kashem took him to Savar police station and showed him as a convict of an arson attack on vehicles. Last Sunday he was taken to remand for interrogation.

On Tuesday, while being questioned, Abdul Kader told journalists at Savar model police station that his house was three kilometers away from the attack spot. He was residing in the house during the attack. Although he was neither an activist nor a leader of BNP but still he got arrested and had been harassed by police as a result.

His son Md. Ripon said his father had been the president of Birulia village development committee for a long time. Due to rivalry with a local Awami league leader for the presidency, his father was being framed. He informed that police had even forced his father to sign a resign letter after the arrest.

Sub-inspector Abul Kashem stated, “I arrested Abdul Kader by the command of our office in charge. Investigating officer of the case can say better whether he is related to the arson attack or not.”

The investigating officer of the case, Sub-inspector Mustafizur Rahman stated, “Sub-inspector Kashem arrested Abdul Kader and included him in my arson attack case. I do not know anything about Abdul Kader’s involvement in this case. However he is a supporter of BNP.”

On the other hand, some Chattro Dal and Jubo Dal members had also been detained earlier on suspicion of their collaboration in the same attack incident under the section no. 34 and 54. As result of being detained under the said sections, they were later able to easily earn bail.

Sub-inspector Abu Bakr earlier also arrested a suspected Jubo Dal activist named Al-Amin from Karnapara, Savar for allegedly throwing cocktails on a bus at Ulail, Savar. Under the section no. 34, he too was presented to the court in 14th February, and got bailed.

His uncle said although Al-Amin was a Jubo Dal activist, he was not involved in that cocktail attack. Yet he was disdained by police for some hours and released. Then he was later again rearrested after some hours and was presented to the court. He however, did not tell anything about how they had dealt with police for Al-Amin’s discharge, avoiding any suggestions that bribing was involved to secure the release.

Sub-inspector Abu Bakr had arrested two other Chattra dal members named Hossen (20) and Mamun (20) on 12th February for the same case. Next day they had been presented to the court under the section no. 54. Anonymous locals and some of the relatives of the detainees complained that, police had threatened to file cases of anarchy against detainees if they refused to give any money. When Sub-inspector Abu Bakr was asked on this matter, he indirectly denied talking about it and told to contact another sub-inspector named Emdadul Haque. Emdad said, “As Abu Bakr arrested them, I do not know anything about it.”

Office-in charge of Savar police station, Abdul Motaleb Miah also denied any responsibility about any arrest. When the police superintendent of Dhaka district, Ashraful Azam was asked about these complaints, he said, “We are investigating this matter. If anyone will be found guilty, lawful steps will be taken against him.”

Source: Amardesh