6 female lawyers arrested, water refill bottles refused to besieged BNP office



Police detained six members of Mohila Ainjibi Dal, a female lawyers association, while they were coming out of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s Gulshan office this evening.

The besieged leader of the Opposition, Khaleda Zia has been cut off from electricity and all telecommunications, including the internet, at her Gulshan Office. It is thought that her two grandchildren are with her at the office. Water refill bottles have also been turned away be police.


The identities of the detained female lawyers were not available immediately.

The policewomen deployed in front of the office picked up them up around 6:30pm.

The deployment of police has been reinforced since this evening.

Around 100 law enforcers including policewomen were seen taking position in front of the BNP chief’s office in Dhaka.

Meanwhile, police barred a rickshaw van puller from taking six drums to Khaleda’s office around 6:00pm.

Asked, the man said the drums were sent from Karwan Bazar area for reserving water at the office. He however did not tell anything about the senders.