4 Awami League activists arrested while attacking residence of ICT judge and Hindu properties

Inqilab: Even though members of Jamaat and Shibir have been blamed for violence and sabotage throughout the country, but in reality the members of Awamileague are involved with these violence behind the scene. Some of these incidents are being staged in a pre planned manner. But the whole blame have been put on Jamaat Shibir and BNP. In many such incidents there are proofs of government’s involvement. 3 members of Chatraleagus [student wing of the Awamileague] have been arrested while trying to attack for the second time the residence of judge of the ICT in Senbagh, Noakhali. In another incident, an activist of Awamileague has been arrested red handed after burning some Hindu properties with arson attack in Debhata, Satkhira district. He was handed over to the police. Local journalists have said that, the police tried to change his identity to a ‘BNP activist’.

Our Senbagh correspondent reports, on Saturday after midnight, the local police arrested 3 members of Chatraleague after they tried to attack the residence of Justice Zahangir Hussain for the second time. The 3 arrested are, Md Zahid Hussain Babu (20), Russel Babu (18) and Omar Faruk (18). Zahid Babu, a Chatraleague leader in Kabilpur Union, with a group of about 15 Chatraleague members were preparing to attack the residence of Justice Zahangir Hussain, at a place 500 meters away from the residence. When the local residents became suspicious and chased them 3 of them were caught and handed over to the police. The police incharge at the Senbagh police station Mr Saikul Ahmed Bhuiya has confirmed that these 3 persons will be presented to the court accused of planning arson attacks, petro bombing, shooting and sabotage. Before this incident, on Thursday night, some vandits threw some petrol bombs onto the same residence, but no one was arrested.

Our Debhat correspondent reports that, on Saturday night a group of Awamileague members attacked some Hindu properties with arson, burning down the house of Sunit Sarkar. As family of Sunit Sarkar started screaming for help amidst the fire, the local residents managed to arrest one of the attackers who was identified as Abdul Ghaffar, a member of Awamileague. Abdul Ghaffar has admitted of the crime and said that there were other members of Awamileague with him. But the local police officer Mr Tarek Biswas has been trying to cover up the incident and tried to change the identity of the attackers, by describing them as BNP members instead.

Source: The Daily Inqilab