31 Hindu Families forced by Awami League leader to flee to India

Picture of a minority demonstration in Dhaka. Bangladesh hindu bauddha christian oikya parishad protest at national press club dhaka

Progress Bangladesh has translated a news piece published in Prothom Alo, a newspaper which is regarded as pro Awami League. The article reports on a demonstration by the Hindu minority group against a local Awami League leader, who they allege has driven 31 families to migrate to India

Translation: In the last few years, 31 Hindu families have been forced to migrate due to oppression by local Awami League leader and his followers in Jessore, Sharsha Shakharipota village. A demonstartion was held in front of Khulna Press Club on Monday (19th January) at 11am to protest against this injustice.

Hundreds of teachers from the Hindu community took part in it in the demonstration, which lasted for a short time. District general secretary of Hindu Buddhu Christian Unity Council, Santosh Dutta, and President of traditional students, Prasenjit Thakur, spoke to the assembled demonstrators. Santosh Dutta said that the Awami League general secretary, Mofizur Rahman, from Bahadurpur Union, and his followers were not letting the local fishermen to go fishing. Each time the fishermen tried to protest, they were tortured. In the last few years, at least 31 fishermen families became the victims of violence, and as a result the family left the area and escaped to India. He reiterated that Justice should be brought to those whom were involved. Other speakers are requesting the government to intervene and create an environment so that Hindus and Muslims could live side by side peacefully.

Awami League general secretary, Mofizur Rahman, from Bahadurpur Union denies these accusations and told Prothom Alo “local Awami League opponents are plotting against me with a part of the Hindu community.” He also said that he has been doing fish farming for the last 15 years with the association, Bahadurpur Kaliyani Fishermen’s Association, which has a lease from the government with 40 percent of the profit funded to the association. He was not only bearing the cost of fish farming, but also the needs of all the fishermen. In response to another question, Mofizur Rahman said people in that Hindu community has most of their relatives living in India and admitted that about seven or eight families had left the area, but that they had left for their own personal reasons.

Source: Prothom Alo