Ruling party mob attacks protesters at the Press Club

press club 29.12.13

A ruling party mob carrying bamboo sticks attacked opposition activists as they tried to gather at the Press Club in the capital’s Paltan area.   The two pro-BNP journalist organizations Bangladesh Federal Journalist Union and Dhaka Journalists Union were holding a rally jointly at the press club when a passing procession of the Awami League attacked the rally. The Awami League procession comprised of Chatra League, Jubo League and the Mukti Joddha League.   The ruling party supporters and activists, many of them fashioning the national flag printed head bands, cornered the the protesters in the Press Club building and tried to enter the Press Club premises.   The opposition protesters threw bricks at the ruling party activists but they were  quickly forced to retreat inside the Press Club building.   The Awami League supporters threw stones and tried to climb into the Press Club premises. One Awami League member was seen trying to destroy speakers the protesters were using.   The police stood at the scene merely requesting the Awami League activists to not go in the Press Club.   The police did not try to arrest any of the agressing members of the mob. But the violent crowd slowly moved away from the Press Club after twenty minutes of mayhem. The police were able to divert the Awami League members away from the Press Club premises where the opposition protesters took shelter. The police seemingly have prevented a bloodbath.


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