287 Awami League leaders building second home abroad


Two agencies of Bangladesh is investigating about 648 people who have taken second home abroad. Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has already started its investigation. A three member team of ACC under the leadership of an additional director is conducting the initial investigation. Contact is going on with Malaysian government too. Simultaneously National Revenue Board is also carrying out their own investigation based on the same list. In the list there are names of 383 politician, 265 businessmen, some ex government officers, teacher and other professionals.

The AwamiLeague, BNP and Jamaat leaders’ numbers have been separated in the list. According to that list a total number of 287 Awami league leaders and activists from different tier of the party and 96 from BNP and Jamaat side has second home abroad. It has been known from the information given from the Malaysian government that in last one decade a total of three thousand and five Bangladeshi has taken the facility of second home over there. Each of them had to spend one million taka as form of bank deposit and other related expenditure to take visa for 10 years in Malaysia as a non-Malaysian. So according to that almost three thousand and five cores taka has been money laundered to Malaysia only. But there is no legal way to take such a large amount of money from Bangladesh to any other country except investment or any other reason. So the whole amount is transferred either through money laundering or any other illegal method. Other than Malaysia another lucrative destination is Canada for those who want to avail the option of second home. Singapore, New Zealand and USA is also on the list.

It has been known that man politician have business in USA, Canada and Belgium. Some of them are citizens of these countries. They have alternative passport. Many have amassed large amount of money and wealth in this manner. Monthly statistics of Malaysia Second Home Project (MM2H) of 201435 showed 2 applied in January, 26 in February , 35 in march,20 in April, 29 in May,9 in June, 9 in July, 9 in August, 35 in September, 14 in October, 21 in November and 41 in December. According to the last published list Bangladesh rank 3rd among the top. China comes first and 2nd is Japan. Then come Korea, U.K. Ireland and Singapore chronologically. According to top 10 list of 2014 India’s name is not there. According to the list Malaysia started the second home project first in 2002. First time no Bangladeshi applied. Bangladeshi people applied in 2003. From that time onwards till now a total number of 3 thousands and 5 Bangladeshi have applied. Out of which 250 people applied in 2014, in 2013 285 people, in 2011, 276 people, in 2010, 74 people, in 2009, 86 people, on 2008, 68 people, in 2007, 149people, in 2006, 341 applied, in 2005 852applied, in 2004, 204 applied and in 2003 32 people applied.

According to the source ACC investigation team has started investigation with the long list. They are evaluating the list and statistics received. From the evaluation it has been observed there is rush in application in times when government regime change. During Awami League term of six years a total number of 1 thousand and 359 application was given. During the 1/11 two years term 217 people applied. Before that during the BNP-Jamaat term total number of application was 1 thousand and 429. According to the source ACC has send a letter asking for the list to Malaysian government. A file has been prepared asking for higher authorities’ approval. ACC team will visit Malaysia after approval is received. It has been known that MM2H project which is run by tourism ministry of Malaysia don’t have any certified agent outside Malaysia. But as it gained popularity number of sub agent of MM2H increased in Bangladesh. Advertisement was given in different online social sites. Interest was shown at sub agent’s office at Uttara, Malaysia’s second home project is world third most preferable economical place for residence after retirement.

To apply for a non Malaysian 10 year’s visa, a fifty year old Bangladeshi should have 5 lac ringgit or 1 core 6 lacs taka bank deposit and also have to deposit 65 lacs taka in Malaysian bank. Above 50 year’s old should have 3 lacs ringgit or 75 lac taka in their bank account. And 32 lacs taka should be deposited in Malaysian bank. In both cases monthly income should at least 2 lacs 12 thousand taka. When sub agent was told there is no legal way to send such a large amount money from Bangladesh to Malaysia or any other country, he replied “ that is our subject. We can send money 10 times faster than it takes money to send from one district to another district within the country.” Another sun agent from Mothijil said “we can send money faster than the speed when you call a person in Malaysia before he picks the phone.”

Recently a field inspection in Malaysia showed Bangladeshi people have purchased house in Ampang, Mallaka, Kochaylama, Cameron Highland and ShahAlam city and living there. Dr. Humayn Kabir a Bangladeshi citizen and resident of Ampang city informed. He came to Malaysia two and half years ago. For second home he purchased a house, each floor with 1500 sq.ft space with 1 lac 25 thousand ringgit. In Bangladeshi currency it comes about 2 cores 75 lac taka. The three storied building have 3 bedroom in second floor and two bedroom and a guest room in third floor. Every room have attached bath and toilet separately. There is a living room, kitchen, dining room and servant room in the first floor. There is a garden and car parking in front of the house. ACC commissioner MD. Shahab Uddin Chunno stated a press conference, “the most important issue for Bangladesh is now the money laundered to Malaysia for second home. We already have some information. We are expecting that there will be an agreement between Bangladesh and Malaysia within three months to apprehend the illegal investors.” He said “ACC is a member of United Nation anti-corruption convention UNCAC. In that relation we are trying to sign an agreement with Malaysia. We already gave a letter to the immigration. Proposal in relation to this has been sent to the ministry cabinet. We hope we will be able to come in terms with them bu June.

Source: Amar Bangladesh