24 Members of Chattri Sangstha Arrested Amid Jamaat Condemnation

CS Arrests

Police have arrested 24 activists of Islami Chhatri Sangstha, an Islamic female student organization in Bangladesh. Out of the 24 arrested activists, 22 of them were arrested from Barisal while 2 were arrested from Noakhali. 

Police claimed that they had arrested the 24 female activists when they had convened in order to “create anarchy and lawlessness”. In arresting them, police claimed that they had been able to foil their evil plots.

In its reaction to the arrests, Jamaat-e-Islami strongly condemned and criticized the move by the police. In a strongly worded address to the government, Acting Secretary General Rafiqul Islam Khan demanded their immediate release. A copy of the statement of Rafiqul Islam was sent on Wednesday to different media by Jamaat publicity official Mohammad Ibrahim. 

As per news reports, activists of Chhatri Sangstha had convened at the residence of local Jamaat secretary Atahar Uddin at Hosnabad village situated in Muladi upazila of Barisal for an Eid reunion programme at Wednesday afternoon. Police, at about quarter past 2 pm, arrested 22 activists from his residence. 

The President of the organisation’s Barisal chapter, Putul Akter, was among the arrested. Other arrested activists whose names could be gathered were, Marzana, Renu, Shornali Hameeda, Rafsana, Rokeya, Raziya, Afroza, Sumi, Koruna, Runa, Afsana, Niru, Aafia, Nupur, Jahanara, Simu, Eliza, Kaniz, Tania, Tahmina, Shubarna and Aisha. 

Acknowledging the news of the arrests, Barisal Police Superintendent Mohammad Ehsanullah said, “We have arrested Chatri Sangstha activists from the residence of a Jamaat leader. They all are students of various schools and colleges. They have informed us that they came together to attend a Eid reunion programme.” 

Police stated that they had seized around 36 books written by Professor Golam Azam, Mawlana Nizami and Maulana Sayeedi among others along with two CD’s. 

The official further informed that the arrested students were currently under police custody for further questioning.

OC of Muladi Thana, Mohammad Shah Alam claimed, “The arrested had gathered at the house of Gachua unit Jamaat Secretary Master Ataur Rahman in order to conspire against the country and create disorder and lawlessness. We arrested 22 female activists from this secret meeting based on information from covert sources and thwarted their evil plans.” 

“Ataur Rahman and his family had arranged for workshops in order to train the arrested activists. He and his family tried to help them escape when we went to arrest them.” he said. 

The police official said that the detained female students would be sent to court after being shown arrested under section 54.

Barisal City Jamaat Ameer Advocate Muazzem Hossain Helal, Secretary Zahir Uddin Babar, and Barisal District Jamaat leaders Abdul Jabbar, Mahfuzur Rahman, Professor Maulana Habibur Rahman and Azizur Rahman Walid in a joint briefing strongly condemned the arrests and demanded their immediate release.

In his statement, Acting Secretary General Rafiqul Islam Khan said, “24 activists of Chatri Sangstha have been arrested from Barisal’s Muladi upazila and from Noakhali. Along with 3 activists of Jamaat-e-Islami from Noakhali, a total of 30 activists and leaders have been arrested today in Bangladesh. I strongly condemn and protest these incidents. These events only transpire to showcase the single party autocratic mindset of the present government.”

He ended this statement with a demand to the government to immediately facilitate the release of the detained activists.

Translated from the original Bangla RTNN article.