21 Opposition Leaders Murdered by Joint Government Forces (some images may be distressing)

devestated satkhira

A limited number of leading newspapers are beginning to report on the devastation wrought by joint government forces in Satkira in recent days. This report is a translation summary from The Daily Inqilab and other newspaper reports on 25th December

Dhaka: Yesterday morning a worker of Shibir named Hafizul Islam(23) was murdered by members of the “Joint Forces”(A collection of security forces and local Awami League members) in Jhaudanga of Satkhira. He was the son of Lokman Ali of Gobindokati village of Jhaudanga union. Satkhira has been transformed into a restless and devastated area thanks to the criminal terrorism of the Joint Forces and local Awami League members.

On Sunday in the neighbouring South Kulia village of Debhata Upazila the son of madrasa teacher Abdul Quader, Shibir member Masum Billah(22), went to Kulia Idgah Jama Mosque. On exiting the mosque the police arrested him and took him to Messrs Alipur Filling Station near Bakal Bridge. There they fired bullets directly into his left leg and waist one by one. On hearing the sound of the bullets and at the sight of the bloody boy the local people came forward when the local OC thundered “What has happened? You all go home! I have shot a Shibir member, nothing else!” and laughed. After some time Masum’s body became still, at which point he was taken to Satkhira Hospital and admitted there. His treatment is undergoing under the supervision of police.

Those who have been murdered by the “Joint Forces” and Awami activists include: Shahin Alam(20), Iqbal Hossain Tuhin(22), Saiful Islam(20), Robiul Islam(25), Mahmudul Hasan(20), Ali Mostafa(18), Abdus Salam(60), Mahbubur Rahman(35), Arif Billah(35), Ruhul Amin(32), Shamsur Rahman(45) Ruhul Amin(37), Sheikh Mustafa Arifuzzaman(17), Shafiqul Islam(44), Abdus Sabur(35), Shamsur Rahman(35), Abul Hossain(15), Arizul Islam(20), Jahangir Hossain(27), Saidul Islam(33) and Atiyar Sardar(65). Hundreds have been injured. Around fifty people have become handicapped including Aminul Islam Lablu of Raichpur of Satkhira.

Repressed anger and resentment are widespread among the victims of the area. Every day the number of people whose homes have been destroyed are rising. Opposition supporters have fled the area out of fear of being arrested and attacked. As soon as darkness falls an atmosphere of fear settles on the villages, which are devoid of any menfolk owing to their having fled.

The members of the “Joint Forces” and local Awami League members have set fire to houses of local BNP-Jamat members and have destroyed their houses. Murder and Forced Disappearances are a common occurrence. With this is also increasing the number of people who have simply disappeared. After being attacked and having cases filed against them, due to having had their houses destroyed by marauding Awami Leaguers the people have been unable to return to their homes. One one had they have forced all the men to flee by filing numerous false cases in their names, and then taking advantage of their absence the local Awami League members have looted and destroyed their homes and set them on fire. As soon as it is evening even though the sounds of women and children crying can be heard there is no one to come forward to help them. This is how Satkhira has been transformed into a devastated area under the cruelty of the Awami League. The victims of persecution have expressed their anger at the one-sided coverage of the so-called “Human Rights Activists” and media.

At 8PM on Sunday, the “Joint Forces” and local Awami League members carried out an raid on the house of Chatra Shibir President Masud Rana. Not having found him at his house they destroyed his home, leaving his mother and other family members to live under the open sky.

The Kaliganj police station OC, Ali Azam Khan when asked said that a raid was carried out on the house of the Shibir President in order to arrest him. When asked about the destruction of his home he said that after the police had left “Enraged populace” – a code name for local Awami League members – might have destroyed his home.

It has been known from talking to a number of intelligence sources and BNP-Jamat leaders that the current Awami League government ever since having come to power has been carrying out torture and oppression upon the opposition party’s members. Whenever they have taken out a rally against the government or attempted to hold a convention, the police have shot, beaten and fired tear gas shells at them.

On 15 December the “Joint Forces” started their operation in Jamat-dominated district of Satkhira. And along with this operation joined local activists from the Awami League. For the last few days of the continuous operation the Awami activists joined in the fun(!) with bulldozers. They have not left even double storied buildings belonging to opposition supporters intact but rather have razed them to the ground. Around two hundred homes belonging to BNP-Jamat supporters have been razed to the ground by Awami league activsts. Their womenfolk and children have been beaten by the Awami League activitsts. Locals have stated that property worth tens of millions of taka have been destroyed.

The list of persons whose houses have been destroyed are: Satkhira District Ameer of Jamat former MP Principal Maulana Abdul Khalek, Nayeb-e-Ameer Professor Maulana Rafiqul Islam, Secretary Nurul Huda, Satkhira(West) HQ Ameer Maulana Abdul Gaffar, Secretary Maulana Shahadat Hossein, Kaliganj Upazila – Kushlia Union – Gobindopur village resident Rahmat Ali Tarafdar, Laltu Tarafdar, Bablu Tarafdar, Tulu Tarafdar, Maulana Mubarak Ali, Mizanur Rahman Tarafdar, Murshid Ali, Wahed Ali, Sadek Ali, Montez Ali, Abdul Gafur, Based Ali, Jamal Tarafdar, M. Sheikh Abdus Sattar, Abdul Wahed Baksh, M Ashraful Islam, Siddik Tarafdar, M Omar Faruk, Sheikh Karm Baksh, Rabiul Islam, of those residing in Bhadrakhali village – Maulana Abdur Rahman, Abdus Subhan Gazi, Belayat Ali Morol, Shamsur Gazi, Aminul Rahman, Abul Bashar, Maulana Abdur Rahman, Ariful islam, Alamgir Hossein, Surat Ali Gazi, Daud Ali Gazi, Abdul Gafur, Hafizul Islam, Kari Moslem Uddin, Rezaul Karim, Bulbul Ahmed, Amir Ali Kolu, Nazrul Islam, Omar Faruk and Sirajul Islam, residing in Bishnupur Union’s Choumohuni village – Maulana Baharul Islam, Sheikh Mosharraf Hossein, Sheikh Saiful Islam, Shamsul Alam, Saiful Islam Mintu, Shushanto Shorkar, Abdullah Al Mamun, Abul Kalam Azad, Jahidur Rahman, Moniurzzaman Mukul, Moyna, Abu Hanif, Shahidul Islam, Huda, Shushanto, Daud Ali, Sheikh Said Hossein, Motaleb Hossein, Abdur Rob, Anarul Islam, Ibrahim Hossein, Mizanur Rahman, Mahmud Ali, Gopal Sarkar, Porimol, Prodip, of the same union’s Hogla village Mahbub and Azizul Islam, of the same union’s Mokundopur village – Ali Dhali, Amjed Ali Dhali, Abdus Samad Dhali and Abdul Majed Dhali, Bishnupur Market’s Niton and Shaheen, Professor Mosharraf Hossein and two hundred more unnamed persons.

The Hindu community has not been able to escape the wrath of the “Joint Forces”. In order to enrage India against Jamat and Shibir Awami League activists have bulldozed the houses of Hindu persons in order to present them as crimes done by Islamists. On 16 December A local Jubo League leader was caught red handed as he was in the act of setting fire to the house of Suniti Kumar, a Hindu in Debhatay of Satkhira. Later he was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment by a mobile court.

Around two hundred cases have been filed against BNP-Jamat members in Satkhira in which around 5,000 people have been accused. And the number of unnamed accused is 50,000.

In Jhaudanga during the blockade one person has been murdered and one injured at the hands of the “Joint Forces”. The murder victims’ name is Hafizul Islam(26). He was the son of Lokman Daffadar of Gobindokati village of Jhaudanga Union. The injured Haran Chandra Sarkar(30) is a bicycle mechanic of Jhaudanga Market. His house is Satkhira’s Kolaroa Upazila’s Murarikati village.

Jhaudanga Market Committee secretary Jahid Hasan stated, Jamat-Shibir enforced the blockade (announced by BNP leader Khaleda Zia) at the market area around 9AM. At this time the “Joint Forces” fired a couple of rounds at the area. The rounds hit Hafizul Islam and bicycle mechanic. Later with the help of the men of the market Hafizul Islam’s body was taken to his relatives. Critically wounded Haran Chandra was sent to Kolaroa hospital.

Jahid Hasan also stated, Hafizul is an extremely gentle and innocent youth. He earns his living by driving vans. Aside from this Haran Chandra is a bicycle mechanic by profession. He was shot while inside his own shop. His condition is critical.

The local police station’s OC Nasir Uddin stated, in the morning five hundred members of Jamat-Shibir blockaded the Jhaudanga market. When police went to try to lift the blockade there was a clash and two people were hit at this time.

Aside from this, while the blockade was ongoing the “Joint Forces” arrested seven workers of Jamat-Shibir. The arrested are Satkhira central Upazila’s Kasempur area’s Mir Rahat, Saiful, Saju, Tala Upazila’s Enayetpur area’s Kabirul Islam, Patkelghata area’s Jewel Molla, Kolaroa’s Abdul Gaffar and Debhata’s Parulia area’s Ilias Ali. Cases have been filed against the arrested.

On the other hand, no long distance bus left the central bus terminal of Satkhira due to the blockade. To prevent any vandalism police, BGB and RAB have been stationed at various points. Checkpoints have been installed at entry points to search any entrants. The operations by the “Joint Forces” have remained unabated. Inqilab.

Sources : Daily Inqilab and  Bengalinews24 




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