200 /285 masjid imams in just one sub district in hiding

nilphamari masjid

In just one sub district (upazila) 200 imams out of 285 mosques are in hiding and on the run fearing arrest and severe harassment from police. Ordinary villagers with no involvement in politics are forced to pay bribes to police and chatro league to avoid harassment. At Horinakundu Upazila, Jhenadiah, they are taken from home, arrested and tortured in police custody until they fulfill demand for bribes. Even after paying bribes they are under threat.
Charged with violence on the hartal day, 3rd of March, police filed 17 cases in which 22895 people are accused in total. In the village of Vabanipur of Horinakundu upazila, police has beaten the wife of a Jamaat leader after not finding him at home.

Source: The Daily Manab Zamin