143 killed, 1,500 cases lodged and 20,000 arrested in two months


In the two months since the 5th of January 2015, 81 people have lost their lives due to being victims of instances of alleged “crossfire”, “gunfights”, “truck accidents” at the hands of law enforcement agencies, along with being victims of torture and shootings at the hands of opponents; majority of the dead belonged to the opposition twenty party Grand Alliance. During the same period, at least 1,500 cases have been filed against the activists of the opposition 20-party Grand Alliance throughout Bangladesh, and at least 20,000 activists and leaders have been arrested by the law enforcement agencies.

Fifty five people of those killed belonged to the opposition 20 party Grand Alliance, and 26 victims were identified as individuals without any political affiliation. All 26 victims died as a result of “crossfire” and “gunfights”. Among the 55 victims identified as being opposition activists and leaders, 42 victims were identified as being affiliated with the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). In this subgroup, 15 were killed by alleged “crossfire”, four were killed after allegedly being “run over by vehicles”, while 18 were killed after being shot at by ruling party supporters or unidentified gunmen. Five were died as a direct result of police firing and custodial torture.

Among the other opposition victims, 13 of those killed were identified as being activists and leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami. Amongst them two were victims of alleged “truck accidents”, one died as a result of police torture, while the rest died as a result of being victims of so-called “crossfire” and “gunfight” incidents. Sources have said that many of those killed have police cases filed against them.

On the other hand, 62 people have been killed as a result of petrol and cocktail bomb explosions, while more than 300 have been injured in such attacks. Among the injured, more than 150 are still admitted in Dhaka Medical College Hospital, where some of the victims are still in critical condition.

On the 5th of January, Chatra Dal leader Rakib Munshi and Chatra Dal activist Raihan Ali were killed at Tebaria intersection at Natore. Sources from the side of the victims alleged that the deaths occurred after men from the ruling party shot into a BNP procession using firearms in the presence of the police.

On the same day, BNP activist Mojir Uddin was killed after police shooting into an opposition procession at Boneshor, Putia sub-district, Rajshahi. In a separate incident, another BNP activist by the name of Jamshed Ali was killed at Kansat, Chapainawabganj.

On the 7th of January, Begumganj subdistrict Chatra Dal activist Mohsin Uddin was killed by police firing at Choumohoni, Noakhali. In the same locality, Senbag sub-district Jubo League activist, Mizanur Rahman Rubel, was also killed.

On the 14th of January, Shibir activist Jobayer was killed after “a covered truck” ran over him at Lohagora, Chittagong. On the 15th of January, Chatro Dal leader Morshedul Islam Parvez was killed at the hands of Jubo League armed cadres in Shonaimuri, Noakhali.

On the 16th of January, Chatra Dal leader Motiur Rahman was killed in Kansat area, Shibganj sub-district, Chapainawabganj in a “shootout” with RAB-5 personnel. RAB claimed that Motiur was injured when his accomplices tried to snatch him away from the hands of the law enforcers, whereby a shootout resulted in which Motiur was left fatally wounded.

On the 17th of January, Narail municipality ward Councillor Imrul Kayes was found dead due to bullet injuries after being picked up by a team of Detective Branch police. The family have alleged that he was killed late at night by the law enforcers at AGB Colony, Motijheel. His dead body was found on the steps of Dhaka Medical College Hospital early next morning. Although family members suspect Councillor Imrul may have been a victim of state crackdown on opposition members, police claimed that Councillor Imrul was a terror suspect.

On the 18th of January, BNP leader and ex-Union Parishad member Sirajul Islam was hacked to death and suffered bullet injuries at Chudanga city. On the 19th of January, Mohammad Islam, Jubo Dal leader of ward no. 1, Risikul Union, Godagari sub-district, Rajshahi, was killed in police custody after a truck ran over him. On the 20th of January, the dead body of Nuruzzaman Jony, the General Secretary of Khilgaon Chatra Dal, was found at Jorpukurpar of Khailgaon. His father, Yakub Ali alleged that his son had been killed in a pre-planned manner, while law enforcement agencies claimed that Jony was killed in an incidence of “crossfire”, after his accomplices tried to ambush the police and snatch him away at Jorpukurpara area of Khilgaon in the capital.

On the 22nd of January, Lakhsmipur district Chatra Dal leader Zisan was killed in a “shootout” with RAB at Daudkandi of the district. On the same day, Jubo Dal activist Zillur Rahman Bhandari was killed at the hands of miscreants at Rangunia, Chittagong while a person named Mahbubur Rahman Bappi was killed in a bomb attack.

On the 26th of January, the dead body of Sultan Biswas, son of Hashem Ali Biswas of Kusumbari village, Shoulkupar, Jhenaidah, was found after 35 days of abduction, killed in an instance of “crossfire” by RAB. On the same day, another activist by the name of Abul Kalam was also killed in crossfire.

On the 27th of January, a person named Rafiqul Islam was killed at Tala, Satkhira, in police custody after he was arrested for allegedly being a dacoit. He was later killed in an incidence of “crossfire”. On the same day, a local leader of Islami Chhatra Shibir was killed in a ‘traffic accident’ in custody of the Rapid Action Battalion in Chapainawabganj. The family of the victim said that Chapainawabganj City College unit Shibir president Asadullah Tuhin, 20, was killed by RAB within an hour of being arrested by them.

On the 27th of January, Jamaat leader Nurul Islam Shaheen, a teacher by profession, was picked up by police at Binodpur, Rajshahi. He was later killed in an incidence of “crossfire”. Also, Harunur Rashid, president of Chorfashon Union 6 number ward Chatra Dal, died on the same day in Bhola, Barisal. He had been hacked to death by miscreants on the 26th of January.

On the 28th of January, Chatra Dal leader Asif Parvez Tukun was hacked to death by miscreants at Nandail, Mymensingh. On the 29th of January, Rajshahi City BNP leader, Aimur Rahman Mukta, was arrested by police and allegedly tortured to death. On the same day, a person by the name of Rafiqul Islam was killed in Satkhira after an alleged “shootout” with the police.

Shibir activist Sakibul Islam, who had been arrested by police in Chittagong on the 20th of January and was severely tortured. He died after succumbing to his injuries on the 29th of January. On the same day, Chatro Dal leader Ariful Islam Mukul was taken away by plain-clothed security personnel from Sadarghat Launch terminal in Dhaka. The next day, the 30th of January, his dead body was found in Rupnagar area of Dhaka.

On the 30th of January, BNP activist Samad Molla’s dead body was found after he was abducted the previous day at Chougacha sub-district, Jessore. On the same day, Imam Hosen Rubel, a Juba Dal leader, was killed in an incident of mob violence at Sitakundu, Chittagong.

On the 1st of February a Jamaat leader named Saidul Islam from Ullapara sub district, Sirajgong was injured from police shooting. That day, Emdadullah, president of Islami Chattro Shibir (ICS) of Shah Ali chapter in Dhaka was killed in a ‘crossfire’ incident by the police.

On 3rd February Jubo Dal activist Liton from Monirampur, Jessore, was arrested by the police suspected to be using bombs. Later he died in a “truck accident” case whilst in police custody.
Another Jubo Dal activist Yousuf from Monirampur was picked up by the police for the same alleged crime. He also died in the same manner whilst in police custody.

On 4th February Chattro Dal leader Abu Sayeed’s dead body was discovered in Khulna B.L. college dormitory.

In another incident, two young men named Sakawat Hossain Rahat and Muzahidul Islam Jahid were killed in a “gunfight” by RAB at Matuail, Jattrabari of the capital Dhaka. In yet a another incident, a bullet-riddled  body of a young man named Al Amin (30) was found at Vashantek. Also on this day, former secretary general of BNP late Khondaker Delwar Hossain’s nephew Gazi Mohammad Nahid’s dead body, with fatal gunshot wounds, was recovered from Vashantek.

On February the 5th an unidentified youth (23) was killed in a “gun fight” at Mirpur. A youth named Munir Hossan also died in a “gun fight” at Mirpur.

On February 6th, Shahabuddin, Shibir’s Rajshahi university’s chapter information and research secretary, Mofizur Rahman, president of Binodpur residential unit chapter and Habibur Rahman, president of Shahid Habibur Rahman dorm of Rajshahi University went to visit a friend in Katakhali bazar, beside Rajshahi university. On their return journey home riding a motorbike, police of Motihar station arrested them from Katakhali municipality. All are university students. Police took all three to the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, injured with bullets and later doctor announced Shahabuddin to have died.

The same day, Shahab Patwary (24), president of Choddogram sub district, Comilla was killed in a shooting incident by the police. His mother, Sakina Begum, said plain-clothed police officers took her son away on February the 5th. The next morning, his dead body was found in the hospital.

On the 6th of February a Jamaat activist named Shahidul Islam was killed from shooting by the police. However, the police claimed he tried to flee from police van and was killed by shooting. On the 7th of February a Jamaat activist named Baccu was killed in “cross-fire”.

On the 8th February Munirul Islam, secretary general of BNP from Kalapara, Chakaima union, Patuakhlai was killed.

On the 9th February Russel Sarder, a BNP supporter, died in a gunfight with police at Khaterpul, Jattrabari of the capital Dhaka.

BNP leader, Sohel Mia, also died in a cross fire at Daudkandi on 9th February.
A bullet-riddled body of a young man was discovered beside the Iron bridge of Kalsi area.

On 13th February, Mirpur Jubo Dal secretary general Nuri Alam’s bullet riddled dead body was discovered in Gazipur.

On the 14th February, a BNP supporter named Mozzamel died in a ‘gunfight’ at Amtoli, Barguna.
The same day, at Sitakundo, Jubo Dal leader, Arif was shot dead whilst in police custody. His body was discovered with a pair of handcuffs still on.

On February the 15th, Moshiur Rahman’s dead body was recovered from Shalika sub district of Magura. His body had fatal gunshot wounds. In another incident, Shibir leader, Motiur was killed in Ranibondor, Chirirbondor, Dinajpur. On the same day, police shot and killed BNP supporter Liton Mia in Mymensing.

On the 16th of February BNP supporter Mohammad Yasin’s dead body was found in Keranigong.
That night, Shibir activist, Mustafa Monjil, was killed in a ‘gunfight’ at Burighar, Palasbari, Gaibhandha. He was charged with arson attack in Tulisighat, Gaibhandha. Also on that day, Rafiul Islam Tareq was killed in a ‘gun fight’ with RAB at Jhenidhah.

On the 17th of February BNP leader Abu Sayeed and Bazlur Rahman were killed in ‘gunfight’ at Monirumpur, Jessore.

February 18th a youth named Hossain Ahmed died in a ‘gunfight’ with BGB at Tekhnaf.
That day, Rafiqul Islam Khokon, died in a ‘gunfight’ with police at Ishawargong, Mymensing.

On February the 19th Laxmipur Jubo Dal leader Mainuddin Bablu’s bullet-riddled dead body was discovered after he was taken away by unidentified men.

On the 21st of February Jubo Dal leader Kabir Hossan Molla and Tati Dal leader Tipu Howlader was killed in a ‘gunfight’ with police at Agalijhara, Barisal. They were initially arrested in Dhaka.

On February 22nd Shramikdal leader Abdul Wadud was killed in a ‘gunfight’ with the police in Mirpur, Dhaka. In the same vicinity three more bullet-riddled bodies were recovered, out of which two were identified as Sumon and Robin. One body is still at the morgue. The same day, a BNP leader and a ward councillor’s son Palash as well as a BNP activist Dulal, were all killed in a “shoot out” at Jhenidhah. Family claimed they were arrested two days earlier.

On the 24th of February, a youth named Shahin was killed in a ‘crossfire’ at Srinagar, Munsigong. Police claimed under Shahin’s leadership, the police were attacked, and he later died in a ‘gunfight’. On the same day another young man named Tiger Dawud was killed at Magura.

Two days later, three people died in a ‘gunfight’ in Sundarban. Two were identified as Saddam and Sohel. Police released a statement saying they were bandits. On the 27th of February, Jubo Dal leader Rezwanul Islam, was killed after being shot by the police in Chirirbondor. Local sources informed that the police arrested Rezwan’s father Local BNP leader Habib. Meanwhile when Habib’s wife went to protect him, the police started to torture her. Upon seeing police torturing his mother, the son protested and police shot him.

On the 4th of March, in a raid conducted by joint law enforcement agencies at Feni, Chattro Dal leader, Arif Farazi’s father Mofizuddin died. Family sources have stated that the joint law enforcement members came to arrest the son but as they couldn’t find him, they slapped and hit the father. The aged Mofizuddin died after having a heart attack.

Meanwhile in the last two months alone, 62 people died all over the country including the capital in petrol bomb, cocktail bomb and arson attacks. On January the 11th, Murad Ali Mollah died at Jessore, On the 13th of January Enam Hossain died in Dhaka – Chittagong highway, on the 14th January Rahima Khatun, Rahim Badsha, Jasmin Akhter, Tasirin Begum, and an un-named person died at Rangpur. On the 15th January Abul Kalam Howladar at Dhaka, Tafazzul Hossain at Gazipur, on the 18th January Sohag Biswas at Barisal, on the 20th January BGB guarded Monwara Begum at Rangpur, on the 22nd January Sanzida Islam, Shahjahan Mia, on the 23rd January Abdur Rahim from Bagura, on the 26th January Abdul Malek, on the  27th January Abdur Rashid from Rangpur, Bakul Dev Nath from Syhlet, on the 30th January Sumon Hossan, on the 31st January Ganesh Das, on the 1st February Nure Alam, on the 2nd February Liton Hossan from Laksam, on the 3rd February Nuruzzaman Paplu from Comilla, Maisa Tasnim, Abu Taher, Mohammad Yousuf, Asma Begum,Mahmudul Hasan, Mohammad Wasim, Kamal Hossan, on the 4th of February Rasedul Islam at Comilla, on the 5th of February Shamim Mia at Dhaka, Shahidul Islam at Bagura, on the 6th February Palash Hossan at Bogura, on the 7th of February Shilpa rani, Summon,Halima Begum, Suzon at Gaibandha, on the 7th of February Munna at Barisal, another un-named person, on the 8th of February Saju Mia and Abul Kalam at Gaibandha died. On 27th February Lutfur Rahman and Jahangir Hossain died in the Dhaka Medical College despite treatment. On the 28th February two more people, Kabir and Shakil, also passed away at Dhaka Medical College despite treatment. Apart from them, another 15 more burn victims were injured and subsequently died in Dhaka Medical Hospital.

In the last two months alone, at least 1,500 cases were lodged against leaders and activists of the opposition 20-party alliance all over the country. More than 20,000 have been arrested, notably: 2000 people in Khulna, 535 people in Rangpur, 450 people in Rajshahi city, 500 people in Chittagong city, 130 in Noakhali, 400 people in Feni, 815 people in Bogura, 600 people in Laxmipur, 2775 people in Jessore, 420 people in Chadpur, 136 people in Vola, 325 people in Sunamgong, 290 people in Gaibandha, 200 people in Dinajpur, 599 people in Cox’sBazar, 350 people in Kishorgong and almost 1000 people in Dhaka metropolitan.

Source: Naya Diganta