10th parliamentary election: an unmitigated disaster


Staff corresponded:


If the ongoing 10th parliamentary election was controversial before it is not anymore. Mired by the catastrophic voter turnout, or an utter lack thereof, the whole election has become the cause of extreme embarrassment for its proponents.


Covered live by all TV channels polling centres appear deserted. “The candidate said there will be voteres when the sun will come out. But we are yet to see any voters even now it is very sunny”, one TV reporter remarked. Another reporter sarcastically commented “It’s not that voters have not turned up. They have. I can see 2 persons.”


Not even one voter was seen waiting at 8:40 am at the no. 73 centre at Hazi Ashraf High School centre. A few voters appeared after 9:00 at no. 69 centre of the same polling station. At Fulki Nursery School voting station a total of one vote has been cast, reports Prothom Alo.


In Dhaka – 6, 7, 16, and 18 constituencies less than 3 percent votes have been cast. In Cowler Government Primary School centre a total of 23 votes have been cast. There are 7 and half thousand enlisted votes under this centre.


Even the small numbers of voters that have showed up many among them have not been able to vote for mismanagement at the centres.


Things are not looking brighter outside of Dhaka for the government either. At Louhjong and Tangibari centres voting could not be started because polling agents were absent, presiding officers Rafiqul Islam and Habibur Rahman informed Prothom Alo.


No voters showed up at no. 6 Pouro Government Primary School centre. At Sherpur Government Victoria Academy centre in Sherpur – 1 constituency a total of 64 votes have been cast at 9:00 am.


Small number of voters showed up in all other centres across the country including all polling centres in Rajshahi – 3, Jessore – 5, Bagura – 7 constituencies.


Voting has been suspended in 138 centres by the Election Commission.
Earlier major international bodies like the EU and countries including the US, UK, Russia have refused to send observers.



Source: BD Chronicle